3 Signs It's Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Make sure to hire qualified technicians in Cardiff & Oceanside, CA

An old electrical panel can't power modern devices efficiently. But age isn't the only factor that affects performance. Ask a knowledgeable technician at Surfside Electric if the issues you're experiencing could be resolved with an electrical panel replacement.

You may need an electrical panel upgrade if...

  • You've discovered scorch marks on your breaker panel.
  • You don't have enough circuits for all your appliances.
  • You're planning to rewire the space.

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electrical panel upgrade in Cardiff, CA and Oceanside, CA

You can trust us with this task

An electrical panel upgrade is a dangerous job, but our technicians in Cardiff & Oceanside, CA can complete the task safely. We're OSHA 30 certified and have over 24 years of experience.

Hiring an experienced professional is more affordable than you might think. Request a free estimate today.