Surfside Electric of Cardiff, CA Specializes in New Construction Electrical Work

If your project involves electrical wiring or lighting, we're on it

Electrical wiring is as delicate as it is dangerous, so you don't want an amateur on the job. The electrical installation technicians at Surfside Electric in Cardiff & Oceanside, CA will ensure that your electrical system is safe before we consider the project finished.

You can trust us with your new construction electrical work because...

  • We have 24+ years of experience.
  • We're licensed and OSHA 30 certified.
  • We're known for being punctual and efficient.

Call 760-334-8546 today to outsource your electrical installation project to the pros.

electrical installation in Cardiff, CA and Oceanside, CA

Our technicians work well with others in Cardiff & Oceanside, CA

Any project involving electrical wiring or lighting is a team effort. Because our crew has extensive subcontracting experience, we know how to communicate effectively with...

  • Our clients
  • Independent project managers and contractors
  • Representatives of HOAs and property management companies

Contact us today to learn how we can streamline your project in Cardiff & Oceanside, CA.